According to mythology, the islands of Paxos, were created when the god of sea, Poseidon hit the island of Corfu with his trident, beaking out its southern tip in order to form Paxos, where he could keep his misstress, Amphitriti. However,he lost his trident which was then found by the islanders, who made it to their Island's Emblem.

Paxos, the smallest of the Ionian Island, is a cluster of small islands and rocky islets, the largest of which are Paxos and Antipaxos.

Paxos is located 7 miles south of Corfu, at a distance of 8 miles from the coast of Epirus in north-western Greece and 12 miles from the town of Parga.

Paxos, is an island of endless olive groves (estimated of about 200.000 olive groves) and Antipaxos one large vineyard. The eastern coastlines of the islands are smooth with a variety of beaches, while the west coasts are bold and abrupt with remarkable natural formations: caves, arches, dome- shaped forms, sheer cliffs and several small beaches.

Nestled on a beautiful harbour is Gaios, the main town of Paxos island.Overlooking the lush green islets of Agios Nikolas and Panagias, gracious Venetian and neo-classical mansions and mastic trees line the shore keeping watch over a colourful string of traditional fishing boats, yachts and cruisers.

Gaios is the main port for regular ferry and speedboat connections with Corfu, mainland ports of Igoumenitsa and Parga. Markets, shops, cafes and patisseries are found as one strolls through the flower-ladened, narrow streets leading off the waterfront plateia.

The colorfoul,cosmopolitan capital of the island, bursting with life in the warm evenings. Cafes, bars and restaurants nestled between the majestic venetian architecture of neo- classics buildings that characterise this enchanting village!!

Easy access to water taxis; boat, car and motorbike rentals; banks and a vibrant nightlife make the picturesque town of Gaios and its surrounds a wonderful focal point for exploring the beauty of Paxos by land and sea.




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